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Why Choose Sedation at The Dentist's Office?

There are many reasons why people fear the dentist. Whether you hate the sound of the drill or the smells in the office, the idea of pain, or have a bad gag reflex then True Sleep Dentistry is the solution you need.

Are you a part of the 30% of American adults who do not visit the dentist due to a dental phobia? Because the mouth is so heavily connected to your overall health, it is exceptionally important to have regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene in general. But how can you feel comfortable enough to visit the dentist?

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is the answer! For some people, nitrous gas or other forms of conscious sedation can eliminate common dental anxiety. Unfortunately, lower doses and methods of sedation dentistry may not be enough for all patients, such as those with a debilitating dental phobia. The worst cases of dental phobia should absolutely consider true sleep sedation dentistry in order to feel comfortable enough in a dentist’s office to get the proper oral care and attention.

Sedation Isn’t Just For Pain | Porcelain Veneers

Sedation, and specifically True Sleep Dentistry, is commonly used for long, or otherwise uncomfortable procedures. However, our phobic patients use it as a way to ensure they never even hear the drill, smell the medical appliances, or look up at a bright light. A great example can be drawn from the porcelain veneers procedure.

This already pain-free cosmetic solution is among the most sought after in the industry, but many avoid it for fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. With True Sleep Dentistry, our patients reap the benefits of this procedure without having to worry. Our patients come in with goals in mind, and wake up with the smile they’ve always wanted.

True Sleep Dentistry

While there are multiple levels of sedation, true sleep dentistry (sometimes called IV sedation) is also known as deep sedation or general anesthesia. In this case, medication allows you to be nearly unconscious or fully unconscious. If you are placed into deep sedation, you may actually be able to understand or semi respond if spoken to, but you most likely will not actually remember most or anything that happens.

The medication used is what contributes to the partial or complete memory loss for a specified duration. By forgetting what happened during the procedure, it gives off the feeling as though you were truly asleep. For actual true sleep dentistry, the patient is unconscious throughout treatment for the ultimate state of rest.

With True Sleep Dentistry comes some recovery time. It is important to have someone accompany you to and from the procedure when true sleep sedation dentistry is involved. They should absolutely drive you home post procedure due to lingering effects from the medication. Side effects should not last all day.

Sedation at Clint Newman, D.D.S.

What is the goal of true sleep dentistry? To minimize or even eliminate procedural pain and the patient’s anxiety regarding the procedure or possible discomfort. Don’t let your phobias get in the way of your health. If you need or want one or multiple dental treatments, sedation dentistry can help you to get through each procedure without much thought. Even patients who do not suffer from any dental anxiety should consider a level of sedation dentistry for any dental treatment. Sedation can make any procedure a more enjoyable and pain-free experience.

We are proud to have Dr. Matthew Yezerski at Clint Newman, D.D.S. After years of schooling and training to become a dentist, Dr. Yezerski completed a few more years of training to become a certified provider of Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Yezerski can precisely administer and monitor anesthesia to ensure total comfort and a deep level of sedation. Are you a patient with dental phobia, anxiety, or special needs? Ask us about sedation dentistry at your next appointment!

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Dr. Clint Newman, DDS

Clint Newman, DDS

Dr. Clint Newman is a renowned cosmetic dentist who combines advanced technology with a keen eye for detail to provide his patients with outstanding results. In addition to being the official dental provider of the Tennessee Titans, Dr. Newman is a member of prestigious organizations, including:

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