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Dental Bridges

Many people who are missing teeth feel embarrassed to smile, laugh, or talk. They may even have trouble eating.

Dr. Clint Newman provides dental bridges to qualified patients in order to restore their smiles and renew their confidence.

How can a bridge improve your health and confidence?

implant-supported bridge

A Dental Bridge Can Restore Proper Function to Your Smile

Chew and Speak Properly

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge can restore proper function, allowing you to eat and speak comfortably and preventing other oral health issues from forming.

Natural-Looking Results

Dr. Newman in Nashville, TN, can create a custom bridge which blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth and complements your facial features for an incredibly lifelike effect.

Benefit from Dental Implants

For qualifying patients, we can secure a bridge with dental implants. This means we do not have to alter healthy teeth to accommodate crowns and you can enjoy added health benefits.

What does a traditional bridge look like?

illustration of a dental bridge illustration of a dental bridge

When is a dental bridge necessary?

Closing Gaps in Your Smile

A dental bridge is specifically designed to close the gap between two teeth. It can replace a single tooth, or several missing teeth in a row to complete your smile. Once you lose a single tooth, the surrounding teeth are often soon to follow. This is why an implant-supported bridge is often recommended as a long-term solution.

Which type of bridge is right for me?

Traditional Bridges versus Implant-Supported Bridges

Qualifiers for a Traditional Bridge

For a traditional bridge, the teeth on either side of the gap must be strong and healthy enough to support the restoration. 

Qualifiers for an Implant-Supported Bridge

Implant-supported bridges require sufficient jawbone tissue. Otherwise, you may need to first undergo bone grafting.

Will a dental bridge stand out from the rest of my smile?

Natural-Looking Restorations

Dr. Newman is a renowned cosmetic dentist who takes pride in providing patients with realistic results. He uses premium materials and advanced techniques to create dental bridges that blend seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Additionally, he will check your bridge for a comfortable, secure fit so that you can experience restored function.

Anchoring your bridge with implants can provide you with further stability and other important benefits, including prevention of bone atrophy.

dental bridge

Our Dental Bridge Results


Want to see how our Nashville dentists place traditional bridges?

Traditional Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges require the alteration of adjacent teeth to provide the necessary support.

Why choose our dental practice for your upcoming treatment?

Our Modern Dental Office Is Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology

The moment you step into our Nashville dental office, you will notice that is is not your average dental practice

We want to provide a spa-like atmosphere where our patients can feel relaxed during their dental visit. Our spacious, clean practice is also equipped with the latest technology and tools to help make your treatment more comfortable and efficient. 

In addition, we work with the best dental labs to ensure your bridge looks and feels natural.

Ceramic artist painting dental bridge

Wondering what to expect during treatment?

Receiving an Implant-Supported Bridge  Can Take Several Months

If you choose a traditional bridge, you can typically receive your restoration in just two appointments. But if you opt for the benefits of an implant bridge, you can expect additional steps:
Artboard 30


Preparatory procedures like bone grafting, sinus lifts, and treatment for gum disease may be administered to give your smile a healthy foundation for treatment.

Implant Surgery

Dr. Newman can place and restore implants at his Nashville practice, making this stage of dental implant treatment very convenient. During the surgery, he will precisely place two or more implants in your jawbone. For your comfort, you can opt for sedation during the procedure.



Over the next four to six months, your dental implants will fuse with the surrounding bone tissue in a process called osseointegration. Successful osseointegration is vital to the success of your dental implants, and you can assist the process by maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout.

Receive Permanent Bridge

Once your dental implants have successfully integrated with the jawbone, you will come back to our office to receive your permanent bridge. We work with renowned dental labs to deliver high-quality restorations that blend in naturally with your smile.

Tips for Maintaining Your Bridge

Once your dental bridge has been cemented in place, Dr. Newman will discuss how to best maintain the function and durability of your restoration, along with the health of your teeth and gums. A special bridge flossing device will allow you to floss the areas surrounding your bridge and between the pontic and underlying gum tissue. Used daily, the flossing device can prevent plaque and bacteria build-up. Additionally, you should brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. 

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are permanent solutions to replacing missing teeth. By inserting a fixed bridge between the two teeth on either side of a gap, dental bridges hold an artificial tooth.

Bridges are used to:

  • Close the gaps left by missing teeth
  • Prevent teeth from drifting out of position
  • Restore the aesthetics of the mouth
  • Improve chewing and speaking ability
  • Replace a temporary restoration with a permanent solution

There are several types of dental bridges provided by Dr. Newman, and during your consultation you and he will establish which option is best suited for your situation. Traditionally, bridges are made up of porcelain and metal and include two crowns that anchor to the teeth surrounding a gap. An artificial tooth (pontic) fills the space from which the tooth is missing.

Understanding the Procedure

Dental bridges often require at least two office visits. During the consultation, the two anchoring teeth are filed and buffed to allow space for the crowns. A mold is then made of the site and is sent to a dental laboratory where the bridges are designed. Temporary bridges that can be worn for several weeks will be placed in the patient’s mouth while the permanent ones are being completed.

Dr. Clint Newman provides dental bridges to replace missing teeth and restore your confidence.

When the dental bridges arrive at our Nashville office, we will schedule your second visit during which the permanent dental bridges will be adjusted to fit perfectly then cemented to ensure a comfortable fit. Depending on the case, Dr. Newman can temporary cement the bridges to allow your teeth and tissue time to adjust to the new bridge and the bridges can be permanently cemented at a later time. Learn more about the dental bridge treatment process.

Dental Bridge Results

before dental bridge
Before This patient had a bridge replacing six front teeth. The bridge had become discolored and degraded.
after dental bridge
After Dr. Newman replaced the old bridge with a porcelain restoration that looks completely natural.
Dr. Clint Newman, DDS

Clint Newman, DDS

Dr. Clint Newman is a renowned cosmetic dentist who combines advanced technology with a keen eye for detail to provide his patients with outstanding results. In addition to being the preferred dental provider of the Tennessee Titans, Dr. Newman is a member of prestigious organizations, including: 

  • American Dental Association 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
  • Nashville Dental Society 
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 

To schedule a consultation at Clint Newman, DDS, request an appointment online or call (615) 385-3507 today.

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