Dental Bonding vs. Porcelain Veneers 

Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are solutions for patients dissatisfied with imperfections such as discoloration, chips, or uneven teeth. When comparing dental bonding vs. veneers, patients should consider the differences in the type of materials used and the longevity of those materials, as well as the price. For many patients, bonding and veneers can address the same cosmetic issues. However, when possible, Dr. Clint Newman highly recommends porcelain veneers due to the exceptional, lifelike results they can provide. We offer both procedures at our Nashville, TN, dental practice.

Dental bonding vs. porcelain veneers.
Both dental bonding and porcelain veneers are solutions for imperfections.

Composite Resin vs. Dental Porcelain

One of the primary differences between these two treatments is the material used to complete the transformation. Dental bonding uses composite resin, the same substance used for dental fillings. Using this material, Dr. Newman can restore chips or cracks, fill in gaps in your smile, and address mild discoloration

We use advanced versions of porcelain, such as IPS e.max® and Empress®, for attractive, natural-looking results. 

In contrast, veneers are thin shells made from dental porcelain, which mimic many of the reflective properties of natural teeth. They can address most of the same issues as bonding, but the width of the veneer allows it to conceal severe discoloration. In addition, porcelain is more durable and resistant to staining than composite resin. At our practice, Dr. Newman uses advanced versions of porcelain, such as IPS e.max® and Empress®, for attractive, natural-looking results. 

The Application Process

The application process is another difference between these two cosmetic dentistry solutions. 

Direct Bonding

During a dental bonding procedure, Dr. Newman applies the resin directly to the surface of your teeth. First, he will etch the surface of your teeth to create a rough surface and encourage the bonding material to adhere. He will then apply the resin and shape it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. A typical bonding treatment takes 30 minutes to one hour and can accomplish results in a single visit. 

Lab Fabrication

Porcelain veneers require at least two visits to complete. Dr. Newman will first prepare your teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel. This process allows the veneers to fit properly without appearing bulky. We will then take impressions of your prepared teeth and send the information to our dental laboratory, Macstudio, for fabrication. When the veneers are complete, Dr. Newman can secure them to your teeth for a fully transformed smile. 

Comparing Costs

Just as with all dental procedures, cost varies greatly depending on the extent of treatment. However, in general, the cost of dental bonding is less than the cost of porcelain veneers. The amount of work involved and quality of the materials are significantly different between the two procedures. During your consultation, Dr. Newman will review the costs of both procedures and provide a recommendation based on your specific needs, goals, and budget.

Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

The best way to find out which treatment is best for you is to schedule an in-depth conversation with Dr. Newman. During the meeting, you can discuss the pros and cons of each method and Dr. Newman can answer any questions you have. Based on your conversation, he will recommend the optimal treatment for you. To schedule your consultation or learn more about the cosmetic services we offer, contact our office online today.

Dr. Clint Newman, DDS

Clint Newman, DDS

Dr. Clint Newman is a renowned cosmetic dentist who combines advanced technology with a keen eye for detail to provide his patients with outstanding results. In addition to being the official dental provider of the Tennessee Titans, Dr. Newman is a member of prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Nashville Dental Society
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

To schedule a consultation at Clint Newman, DDS, request an appointment online or call (615) 385-3507 today.

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